An Unconference Survival Guide

Yes, it’s Unconference time once again folks.

Planned to coincide with the National Online Recruitment Awards (NORAs) being held in the evening, and with the usual variety and quality of track leaders that has come to be expected of such events, #truNORA has all the hallmarks of what should prove to be yet another success story for the Unconference format.

In preparation for the grand event, I thought I’d share a quick Unconference survival check list of those key ingredients needed to get the most out of the day. It’s simple really, all you need is…

  • An opinion. Remember, this is a discussion led event so regardless of your experience, please pipe up with your own outlook to get debate flowing.
  • An open mind.  When it comes to social media especially, everyone and no one’s an expert, so be prepared to take on board those new ideas.
  • Fully charged batteries. Unlike regular conferences, tweeting and blogging is actively encouraged. Wi-fi is available on site so make sure you take advantage of it all day, they’ll be lots to share!

And a few things that you won’t be needing…

  • A Presentation. Although each session has a track leader, they are there to act as an instigator, not a presenter –remember, this is a discussion led event.
  • Powerpoint. People make eye contact with each other, not a screen.
  • Name Badges. No need to assess someone before chatting- if you see someone you don’t know that you’d like to, go say hi!

So there you have it, the bare essentials for making the most of an Unconference, what more could be easier?

Don’t forget to follow the Twitter back channel at #truNORA to keep on top of the discussion…