A Sound Investment?

One of the most frequent problems recruiters face when it comes to social media is quantifying the monetary value. With an already packed schedule and targets to meet, reluctance is understandable when it comes to taking on more work without seeing immediate payback.

Happy ClockSo, is social media really worth investing the time in?

The simple answer to this is yes.

Why? To begin with, even if the direct benefits from social media cannot be seen, the detriment of not having it can be. One of the first things that a potential client or candidate will do is perform a quick search on their prospective companies of choice. Those that appear engaged with their consumers will immediately be favoured over those who appear to take the lazy backseat.

Secondly, it’s important to remember that it isn’t the size of a company’s networks that matter but the quality. A group constructed of 100 inactive members is no more than a database of names. However, a group of 20 sector specific, engage members can provide a goldmine of industry information and start to work for you in influencing other members of the profession. The average recruiter already has people who they regularly contact for industry information, so to continue these relationships online is an easy start to creating extended communities without generating a lot more work. In short, if targeted correctly, social media won’t take much more time than should already be spent nurturing contacts.

Lastly, if the time for this truly can’t be squeezed in a day, hiring a social media representative is an easy work around. For larger companies especially, this can be a sensible way to maintain consistent branding and message continuity. At the cost of an intern wage there can be a goldmine of free media coverage just waiting at your finger tips.

Sarah Fuller