A #Tru Gen Y Experience

Really, what is the fuss about Gen Y?

Being labelled as one myself and yet still unsure exactly what this meant, I was relieved to find many others at the truManchester unConference equally confused. However, after much debate and from everything I saw t’up north, for all the hype there might be about the new technology obsessed Gen Y’ers, the true masters of the social media phenomenon are our older, wiser counterparts. 

Pierced Gen Y'er

Am I Really Gen Y?

Having grown up in an environment where the phrase ‘to Google someone’ got you a dirty look and text speak was unheard of, those savvy members of what’s affectionately been termed Generation X are far more switched on when it comes to capitalising on the new technologies out there.* Perhaps it’s having to actively learn how to use these channels rather than picking them up organically that makes the difference.

Learning exactly how to use a tool rather than playing about to watch celebrities must definitely have its advantages. Combine this with the personal experience gained from being a longterm member of an industry and you’ve created a social media monster – of the good kind.

The Breakfast Club

The Real Social Media Experts?

Of course, there will always be those that struggle but that’s the same across both generations. It is for that fact that I propose to end with the (slightly cringey) cliché: you’re only as young as you tweet you are…

* – If you need proof of the appropriate use of affectionate here, do a quick Google image search: Gen X displays our favourite mullet wearing crowd of The Breakfast Club; Gen Y, a painfully over-pierced youth – a true stereotype if ever I saw one – but that’s for another post!

Sarah Fuller